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      From this perspective it appears
      The moon is tangled in the trees
      The branches block the brilliance
      The shadows stop the silver. Moments
      Later the moon is released
      Yet the two turning together
      Just by chance they face each other
      So one side is all we see
      So in fact the moon has captured
      Earth. Or is it in reverse?
      MMThompson © 2020

      I noticed the moon one morning, and was reminded (by my son) that the same side of the moon always faces the Earth because they “turn together”. The angular momentum of the Earth/ Moon system originates from the formation of the moon. The current theory is called the Giant Impact Hypothesis or “The Big Whack”. I like The Big Whack is a much more interesting title!

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      Very nice poem! I enjoyed reading it and myself have thought about the man in the moon always facing us. I like the Big Whack name as well. The idea mentioned in the article is a very interesting one. It sounds like we don’t exactly know. It was also very interesting to learn that the Earth is unique compared to the planets around us, in that we have a large moon. It sounds like the moon will continue spiraling away from us, but I imagine very slowly!

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