The Edgerton Center K-12 Maker team is creating Week 4, Making Music and Sounds for release Monday April 13.

In this open-ended exploration of sound and music, students will listen and investigate, tinker and make noise, and turn sound into music with their own instrument. Learning like this happens best in a community, and we are providing a moderated forum where students can share and enjoy noisy compositions and musical creations from the community.  Get a taste of our projects – watch the Make a Kitchen Symphony video

The open-ended projects are intended to take a little pressure off of parents, give kids permission to learn through play, and let learners spend more time digging into the favorite parts of the project. Hopefully, adults will get in on the joy of making noise.

We get that there are many families who don’t have access to online resources, and will not be able to access this curriculum.  These materials will continue to be available when we return to our schools and educators can use them in face-to-face activities.


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