Come wonder with us! This week we have a collection of ideas and questions that we’ve collected about everyday things. What does morning taste like? What sounds make you smile? What do your favorite pair of shoes feel like when they are on your feet? What does the light look like at different times during the day? What is one smell that makes you worry?

We encourage you to spend this week thinking about the questions you have about your surroundings, the Earth and sky, and about yourself! What observations can you make about the world around you? Can you find something in or around your home that you think is special or unique? How would you demonstrate to someone else what you’ve picked?

How many questions about our world can you come up with after a week of making observations? We can’t wait to see what you discover and hope that you will share your observation journey using either our forums or on social media using #MITFullSTEAM (with parent permission).


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