K-12 and Higher Ed Resources

In the first few days we’ve seen thousands of visitors arriving on Full STEAM Ahead. Welcome to everyone. We wanted to point out that in addition to the weekly K-12 projects, that we also have additional K-12 resources, and resources for higher education as well.

Some of those resources are growing rapidly. There is a weekly BLOSSOMS challenge that you can find on that page.

The forums are open for conversation and support. We are monitoring these and will be staffing with some volunteer contributors soon.

We hope you find these useful.

Week 1 Package and Challenges Announced

The week 1 K-12 package is all about COVID-19. We aim to help people of all ages understanding these confusing times and empower them to think critically about how they can help. There are materials for students in different grades from elementary through high school. We will be launching these packages every Monday.

Here is a link to the information for this week including the activities and challenges. . .