Week 3 Package Released – Exploring and Living in Outer Space

We are happy to announce that the MIT Media Lab Space Exploration Initiative (SEI) has created a Package for Full STEAM Ahead! The Package offers a number of learning prompts to dive into SEI’s research endeavors, from CubeSats to space food to lunar exploration! Many of these activity prompts are perfect for family learning, so we encourage working together to explore space hands-on! If you have questions in your adventures, you can post them on the package’s online forum. There will even be a Question and Answer session from the group, so please post your questions in the forum. Happy Exploring!

Justin Reich’s Tips for Transitioning to Teaching Online and Remote

Justin Reich from MIT’s Teaching Systems Lab (tsl.mit.edu) has been working with teachers and administrators to help schools innovate and provide high quality education for all students. His work is particularly germane in the time of COVID-19 when so many schools are having to abruptly and radically shift their practices.

He sat down to provide the community with “Five Tips for Transitioning to Online and Remote Teaching” in this video:

The Teaching Systems Lab has its own page at tsl.mit.edu/covid19 with links to new teachlabpodcast.com episodes and to their new report on remote learning guidance from the 50 US state education agencies. They also have an open dataset with links to the guidance, and their analyses. 

Also check out Justin’s recent JWEL session on “Online Learning in the Age of COVID-19“.

We hope you find these resources helpful.

Week 2 K-12 Care Package Launched on Invention

We are happy to announce that the Lemelson-MIT Program has created a package of fun invention activities and videos for the Full STEAM Ahead initiative! You can find them here on our Week 2 page. We invite you to take advantage of the time you may be spending at home by gathering any tools and reusable materials you already have and diving into the activities we have on this site. If you have questions along the way, you can post them on the site’s online forum.

Happy Inventing!

Inventive Learning

We wanted to let you know that next week’s K-12 learning package should be exciting, and is nearly here.

On Monday we’ll invite you to join us in a one week exploration of invention education – a transdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning the unique ways inventors find and solve problems that matter. Hands-on activities, videos and online resources will help young people of all ages start down a pathway to invention!

Keep an eye out for launch on Monday, March 30.

K-12 and Higher Ed Resources

In the first few days we’ve seen thousands of visitors arriving on Full STEAM Ahead. Welcome to everyone. We wanted to point out that in addition to the weekly K-12 projects, that we also have additional K-12 resources, and resources for higher education as well.

Some of those resources are growing rapidly. There is a weekly BLOSSOMS challenge that you can find on that page.

The forums are open for conversation and support. We are monitoring these and will be staffing with some volunteer contributors soon.

We hope you find these useful.

Welcome to Full STEAM Ahead at MIT

Welcome to the Full STEAM Ahead, a production of MIT JWEL. We are aiming for launch on March 23, 2020. The site will contain resources for K-12 teachers and students as well as adults and lifelong learners. The resources are being made available to the world to provide learning opportunities in a time when teaching is being impacted greatly by the COVID-19 pandemic.